Old Pro, New Times

This is not new to me, I was a pro domme 20 years ago; how times have changed. Now apparently there is a kinky phase in teenagers; just like in my day there was rebellion in the form of drinking and taking drugs.

Back then I was shamed for my sexual preferences by the vanilla section of society and shunned by the BDSM community for daring to charge for my services. I'm not convinced that has entirely changed, though there has been a mindset shift; not sure it's without judgement.

I look at pictures online and am not sure that being a Domme is what it used to be. Domination not sex, or sitting on faces? No judgement here, but I must be old school; I dominate, cause pain and humiliation; if you've been good I may let you masturbate or allow you to cum; you are here to fulfil your fantasy, I still expect you to please me. I do not remove my clothes; you will never have the privilege  of seeing me naked; though I may tease with a flash of flesh; you are not worthy.

I'm naturally dominant, not angry and I don't hate men. I'm polite and softly spoken; I'm not going to lower my standards to try to fit a stereotype or change the fundamentals of who I am.

Maybe there is room in these new times for an old school Domme.