Being in long term chastity requires commitment; this is serious submission to your Domme that can provide a separation from ego by completely surrendering your desires and will; you will be owned in every respect; it is not a journey that should be taken lightly by either party.

Chastity is an agreed service with the subs desires, limits and personal circumstances taken into account; you do however give your Domme complete control. You also need to consider the type of cage; there are many; for the complete beginner a silicone one is recommended to start and then as you become more atuned to it you can start looking at the metal cages. The silicone ones are a cheaper starting point especially if you are not sure if you can commit, once lockdown has lifted also bear in mind that steel cages and locks set off airport security. There are also remote control vibrating cages, but they are usually used within a committed D/S service or relationship, they are very effective in providing a constant control over you whether to arouse or punish.

hot chastity cage.jpg
Hot chastity cage

The usual practice of chastity is within a session, in person or online.  You receive instruction to arrive to the session with it on, to put it on a few days before if thats the agreement, or you can be caged by Lady Alyce if in person,and you only get to remove it at an agreed time after the session has ended.

Where a period of chastity has been agreed upon a numerical lock can be used; this is perfect should you need to release in an emergency and is the preferred way as it is safer.

Photos are used to confirm that you are still in chastity, removal for cleaning will be arranged and personal play is only agreed when you have pleased Lady Alyce sufficiently to have earned it; and then only under supervision.

There is also the key safe; it is more involved to organise. The code is re-set after each release, this service is only for those with experience of being caged.

If you live close to Lady Alyce she may consider being a full-time key-holder in between live sessions; this will require detailed discussions.​

​Lady Alyce enjoys Her subs to be in chastity as it is a very effective way for you to understand that your genitalia do not belong to you, they are Hers. Her preference is not to have too many as it dilutes the pleasure, She prefers to have a small number of owned committed subs; what level of submission/surrender/service will be discussed, but can include weekly spot checks / specific tasks; if you live close you may be expected to be in service at Her request.

Lady Alyce can provide full chastity training, in person and online, but a commitment on your part is required and only those who appear to be serious in this endeavour will be accepted for training as this takes time.

The cost of this depends upon the level of service required.